Geoffrey Turpin

Geoffrey Turpin

Coming from a family focused on painting and cinema, Geoffrey began studying music with the classical guitar in 2004.

His collaborations with his brother Vincent Turpin, director, contribute to enriching his experience of composition applied to the image.

Many projects, applied or not to the image, have emerged, ranging from compositions and interpretations within groups of various styles, arrangement for other artists, but above all compositions and sound design for the image.


  • Many projects including actors' films, video games and animated films

  • - Various :

    • 1 week orchestration challenge with "Snowman" from Earthbound (can be heard in the 'Music" section of this website).

    • "Hell-Bent for D-Beat" by Poisoncharge - Bass, singing, mixing, mastering

    • "Manala" by Manala - Mastering.

    - Core Gaming (Sound design & music) :

    • Catch a Big' Un

    • Rosella Magical Multipliers

    • Baron von Rich-Often

    • Amazon Rayne and the Wheel of Wealth

    • Blazing Bandito

    • Pacific Boom 2

    (more to come)

  • - Core Gaming (Sound design & music) :

    • Playa Banca

    • Pathway to Riches

    • Mammoth

    • Papa Paolo's Pizzeria

    • Godessy Gold

    • Mega Multipliers

    • Santa 600

  • • Light Trail Rush - B2Expand (Sound Design)

    Furutistic racing video game for PC (Steam)

  • • La Horde, action / strategy videogame freely based on Alain Dmamasio's "The Windwalkers"

    • III, short actors film directed by Ingrid Franchi

    • Calice, theatrical improvisation championship by Royal Gambas (Lyon)

    • Webimatics, motion design for the Lyon 1 Science faculty, directed by Anaïs Gaudioz

    • Web book WCK Production, website WCK Production's introduction video

  • • La tombe du Typhon, videogame created by Emile Cohl's students (Lyon)

    • Palingénésie, created for choir, clarinet and classical guitar, inspired by St Dominic and St Francis, preserving the world from the Christ's wrath, by Pierre-Paul Rubens, at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon

    • Stuntman, animated short by ARIES 3D's students (Lyon), in collaboration with Samy Qoraiche

    • Dying Moon, videogame realized by Emile Cohl's students (Lyon), in collaboration with Samy Qoraiche

    • OE, short film actors directed by DUCCI2's students in Lyon 2

  • • Avec les Yeux, fiction with the Lumiere Lyon 2 university, short film by Vincent Turpin

  • • Eridan, documentary with the Lumière Lyon 2 university , short film from Vincent Turpin

  • • Projection Privée, short film from Vincent Turpin